How To Make Affirmations More Powerful?

Did you know that there are ways of saying affirmations that make them immensely more powerful?

Most people say affirmations flatly, like they are reading a newspaper article. Not surprisingly, they don’t get great results from affirmations!

Instead, try injecting a bit of these into your affirmations:

With Passion

Feelings of passion are incredibly uplifting and motivating and they can give a strong boost to your affirmations and help them sink into your mind much faster.

Notice the difference between these affirmations:

“I am truly successful in my photography business.”


I AM TRULY SUCCESSFUL in my photography business!”

Can you feel a difference in the emotional impact those two statements have? Needless to say, injecting a strong dose of passion into your affirmations can double, triple, even quadruple their effectiveness – and dramatically increase the results you get from them.

With Power

The same thing goes for power. The more empowered you feel when reciting your affirmations, the more effective they are going to be.

Notice the difference between the following two affirmations:

“I am open to the flow of abundance now.”


I AM open to the flow of ABUNDANCE NOW.”

This makes the affirmation more like a command than just a positive statement of fact and it’s a great way to get over any feelings of uncertainty or doubt you may have.

Just say your affirmation with strength and power in your voice (or even mentally) and you will quickly notice a sense of inner strength and determination rising up within you.

With Conviction

Conviction is similar to power but it’s more about believing that your affirmation is true and underscoring the fact that you do believe it.

“I am successful at everything I do.”


I AM Successful at Everything I do.

Period! Done! End of story! Can you sense the finality being expressed here? When you say affirmations with a strong sense of conviction, you are asserting that they are the truth, period! This is powerful because you are using your conscious mind to impress a new “truth” into your subconscious mind. Repetition is necessary before it will stick, but it will eventually stick.

It’s OK to Fake It

I would like to add the note that it’s okay to fake your feelings of passion, power and conviction at first. In fact, you may have to do that if you don’t feel very confident when you first start using affirmations.

By “faking it” I mean that even though there may be a little voice in the back of your mind saying, “Oh please, you know that’s not true” you simply ignore it and act as if your affirmation were true anyway. You know it isn’t true but you are choosing to act as if ‘It Is True’.

Believe me, you won’t be acting for long if you keep up with these techniques – they really work in helping to shift your mindset so you feel much more empowered and optimistic about changing any unsatisfactory circumstances in your life.

Let a man radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformations it will effect in the material conditions of his life.

~ James Allen

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