What Is The Purpose Of Affirmations

Believe it or not, the words in an affirmation have no power to change anything in your life. Like I said, affirmations are not magical incantations and you may be surprised to learn that the purpose of an affirmation is NOT to change anything outside of yourself. Yes, your ultimate goal is to create better circumstances in one or more areas of your life, but that’s not the first thing that needs to happen.

The true purpose of an affirmation is to change the way you FEEL about a given topic.

When you feel differently about something, you will start to think and believe differently about it. And when you think, feel and believe differently, you will take different actions – and therefore you will change the results you experience.

Many people don’t grasp the importance of this concept, so they create affirmations that focus more on their outer conditions rather than how they Feel. As a result, they don’t change their beliefs, their actions don’t change and so their circumstances don’t change either.

With this in mind, think back to the examples listed above. Do those make you feel differently about money, health or relationships? More likely, you don’t feel much of anything at all when you read them.

That’s because they don’t get to the heart of what you really want, which is to FEEL differently about that aspect of your life.

Do you yearn for a greater sense of peace, happiness, security, freedom, fun, passion, ease or recognition?

In this ebook we are going to concentrate on Success. 

If you could create anything you wanted in the area of SUCCESS, what would you create?

What is important to you?

Which negative habits and qualities would you like to release?

Take a moment right now and jot down a few key words about how you would like to Feel regarding Success in your life.

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