When Is The Best Time To Do Affirmations?

In order to be effective, affirmations really need to be recited MANY times each day. Most people say affirmations perhaps once or twice a day, and they don’t realize that they aren’t being nearly proactive enough to create substantial change.

Remember that an affirmation is supposed to shift how you think, feel and believe about a certain subject. If you put forth tiny, gradual efforts, you will receive tiny, gradual results.

Big, powerful efforts yield big, powerful results!

I always recommend that people sleep, eat and LIVE their affirmation. Say it hundreds of times a day. Make a song out of it and sing it while you’re driving, cleaning, walking the dog, shopping, working, or doing anything else. Make it a constant fixture in your mental processes.

Say it a dozen or more times when you first wake up in the morning, a dozen or more times before you go to sleep at night and MANY dozens of times throughout the entire day.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to do this forever; just until the new “truth” starts to sink into your mind and take root there. This could take anywhere from a few days to a few months, but most situations will show improvement within a couple of weeks at most. Only long-standing, chronic habits may take longer to clear up.

If you find that you have trouble remembering to recite your affirmation during the day, you can stick little notes all around your house, vehicle and work space to remind you.

You can also choose a piece of jewellery or another item that you can carry with you and designate it as your “affirmation reminder”. Every time you look at or touch the item, it’s your cue to state the affirmation a few times.

Another good reminder is to choose a common word like “the” or “and” – and every time you hear or see that word throughout the day, take it as a cue to recite your affirmation.

You could also choose a personal totem, like a heart symbol or a star.  Then every time you see your totem … in a magazine, on some advertising, in the shop window, use it as a reminder to recite your affirmation.

Within a few days of nearly constant repetition you should have a much easier time remembering, but in the meantime these little “cues” can help a lot.

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world … as in being able to remake ourselves.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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