What Are Affirmations

What Are Affirmations?

An affirmation is really anything you say (or think) – repeatedly.  A lot of what we normally say about ourselves (out loud) or think (in our mind) can be quite negative and then it can show in our lives as unwanted experiences. We have to re-train our negative thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives for the better. Read more …

Inspirational Blog

Inspiration Blog

Our Inspiration Blog is worth checking out for all it’s fantastic articles. We are regularly posting tips & tricks, sharing less known techniques for making your life so much better, just like blue bottle solarised water, beautiful poems brought to life, meditations, articles like the 24 Gratitude Challenge and much more. If you sign up for our Newsletter you will receive a notification of new articles added.

New Age Product Reviews

Product Reviews

We love to write reviews on anything that we love and feel would be beneficial to our followers. Our reviews include books we love to read over and over, products that have helped or inspired us, courses that have made a positive impact on our lives, videos, music, poetry, quotes … all sorts of wonderful things make it to this awesome page on our website.

What Are Affirmations In Motion ?

When we refer to 'Affirmations In Motion' we are talking about our own videos that we design & create. Each video is centered around a common theme. For example 'Affirmations For Success', or 'Affirmations For Health'. We include a collection of affirmations together in video format, adding movement, images & sound. Our purpose is to help you to visualise & feel the emotion. Using all your senses makes affirmations even more powerful. Watch our 'Affirmations For Self Love' video (below) to see how beautiful and uplifting it is. You will find many more videos like this on our site. Our videos have been lovingly created for you to freely use and share.

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