4 Tips For Successful Affirmations

We’ve covered a lot of ground on the various techniques you can use to create powerful, effective affirmations, but there are also a few challenges you may encounter along the way.

Tip #1 – Don’t Try to Accomplish Too Much, Too Fast

Affirmations are extremely helpful in dismantling limiting beliefs and forming more empowering beliefs, but if you try to take on too much at once you will likely end up feeling frustrated and getting nowhere.

This is where the gradual step-up technique we covered comes in handy. Rather than trying to leap straight from a belief that says, “I can’t do anything right” to a belief that says, “I am a Successful business owner” – you need to start smaller.

Remember that many of your existing beliefs are very old, very well-established thought patterns and it may take time to change them. Your odds of success are much greater if you baby-step your way to your goals rather than trying to take one giant leap from here to there.

Tip #2 – Don’t Try to Believe the Unbelievable

Some affirmations won’t work because they are just too unbelievable and you can’t wrap your mind around them.

For example, if you currently earn $20,000 per year, you wouldn’t want to create an affirmation that says “I earn $1,000,000 per year” because that’s just too far outside the realm of your existing reality.

If you tried repeating an affirmation like that, all you would do is trigger limiting beliefs like these: “I could never find a job to pay me that much money”. “I don’t have the education or experience”. “Only CEOs earn that kind of money.”

Instead, try the step-up technique here too. Rather than aiming for a massive goal, try affirming that you can double your current income, or choose a goal that’s just slightly larger than your existing reality, like earning an extra $10,000 next year.

You can always keep stepping it up and up and up as you go along!

Tip #3 – Inconsistent Effort

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again; you have to be consistent and proactive with affirmations to make them work! Forming new habits can be difficult, but do whatever you can to be consistent with your efforts.

If you can, set aside some time at the same time each day to work on your affirmations. First thing in the morning, last thing before you go to sleep, during your lunch break – whenever you can fit it in the time, do it. But be very consistent with it or you will be likely to lose interest because you aren’t seeing any results.

Tip #4 – Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

It would be great if you could say an affirmation a few times and have everything around you transform as if by magic . . . but we both know that’s not going to happen. Even if you aren’t expecting miracles, it’s important to be realistic about just how much you can expect from an affirmation.

Remember that the affirmation itself can only improve your beliefs and make you feel motivated – it will not take the action steps for you.

If you are using affirmations correctly, you should notice that you first start feeling better about the subject, then your belief about it starts shifting to a better place and then you’ll start noticing more and more opportunities that can help you achieve your goal.

This happens simply because you are becoming more receptive to the opportunities because you aren’t in a closed, pessimistic state of mind any longer.

When opportunities arise, you will know how much the affirmation has improved your state of mind by how willing you are to take action on them. If you find yourself hanging back, feeling hesitant or anxious, then you still need to keep using the affirmation because you don’t yet have a rock-solid belief in it.

Simply keep working at it until you feel that old anxiety fade away and when the next opportunity comes along … Jump at it!

You simply won’t feel the need to “soften” your affirmations to make them more believable anymore.

Instead, you will easily remain open to big goals and believe they are possible for you.

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