Affirmations Coming True

Final Words….

As your initial affirmations start to come true, be sure to keep expanding them to be bigger and better!

Don’t settle for just “good” results – keep going after GREAT results in every area of your life.

Make long lists of everything you wish to accomplish and then steadily and surely change the way you think about those areas of your life.

As you change your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions for the better – the circumstances of your life must also change for the better.

Once you understand the reliability of this approach, you should find yourself feeling very motivated and inspired because that means virtually ANYTHING is possible for you.

Every goal is achieved the same way … step by step.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  

~ Lao Tzu



Whilst this articles have been about Affirmations For Success, they could just as easily be written about Affirmations For Health, Affirmations For Love, or Affirmation For Weightloss and so on.  The procedures for writing effective affirmations are the same.  Please use this helpful information to create perfect affirmations for You and watch your life change and improve for the better.


We have included some Affirmations For Success on the following pages you give you some ideas for creating your own powerful Success Affirmations.

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